Takeuchi-ryu Bitchuden dojo in Japan

聴風館 Choufukan
新風館 Shinpukan
玄風館 Genpukan

Takeuchi-ryu Bitchuden dojo and study circles outside Japan

Gyofukan - Idaho (members are currently training in Japan)
Seifukan - Hawaii: contains background to Takeuchi-ryu and useful links in English
Shofukan - Vancouver, British Columbia

Information in English

Koryu Books on Takenouchi
Also has extensive essays on many aspects of the classical Japanese arts.

Wikipedia on Takeuchi-ryu gives a good general introduction to the history of the main tradition and the Bitchuden line.

Friends and Associates

Kyoto Garden Tours
Garden tour site of Mark Hovane, who visited Shoufukan and played the taiko for us at the Mirfield Show, 2009.

Nine Circles
Suppliers of quality Japanese budo equipment. We often buy weapons and keikogi (training uniforms) from them. The club discount is passed on to students.

The Classic Budoka
Blog of Wayne Muromoto who runs Seifukan.

Sōsuishi-ryū Seirenkan UK Keikokai
London based training group who practice Sōsuishi-ryū, a tradition with early connections to Takeuchi-ryu.